Wanneer u een verwijzing heeft gekregen voor de Stichting Kledingbank Ede dan wordt er met u contact opgenomen om een afspraak te maken. Tijdens uw afspraak staat een vrijwilliger voor u klaar om u te helpen bij het uitzoeken van uw kleding. Tijdens uw afspraak bent u en/of uw gezin als enige in de winkel. Zo kan de vrijwilliger u voldoende tijd en aandacht geven bij het uitzoeken van de kleding.

Stichting Kledingbank Ede is a private voluntary organization, run by soley volunteers. If a person meets certain criteria, he or she is allowed to receive clothes and shoes for free. Your caseworker will determine if you are qualified and redirect you to Stichting Kledingbank Ede.
After that determination is made, an appointment will be made to visit the location. During the appointment you will receive the clothes you need, one pair of shoes and one jacket.
Your caseworker will give you the required information about the appointment in advance. Please note: * the correct time of your appointment. Appointments more than 15 minutes late will be cancelled. Unfortunately  we have a waiting list and a new appointment can only be made after six months. So be in time!

* the location of Kledingbank Ede, a map can be provided by your caseworker
* for identification, you will need to bring your passport with you.
* during your visit you will be assisted by volunteers. These women will inform and guide you and help you choose. Clothes       and shoes must be tried on before they are given. Returning clothes is no possibility.'